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Nn Preteen Pics

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:38:21 -0500From: Paul Daventon Subject: Dukes of Windsor/Dukes-of-Windsor-18Disclaimer: This story concerns mainly homosexual men and their lives,relationships and sexual activities. It was inspired only by my visionsand invention. This tale is entirely fictional. If there are anysimilarities to actual people, places or events, it is purely coincidental.If you are under 18 or if reading this story would be illegal for you inyour area or if you don't like the subject matter, please leave now.Always be SAFE. Otherwise read on and I hope you enjoy.The Dukes of Windsor Copyright 2004 by Paul H. Daventon. All rightsreserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any mannerwhatsoever without written permission of the author. If you are enjoyingthis story, write to me at dukesofwindsorjuno.comWhen you write, please put "Dukes" or "Dukes of Windsor" in the Subjectline so I concentrate on story email. Thanks, Paul.* * * * *THANK YOU I'd be remiss if I didn't thank David and Allen for editing thechapters of this story. They have made the writing smoother, more correctand easier to read.. Thank you guys so Nn Preteen Pics much for your help and yourencouragement, keeping me on the path. Love you forever. Paul DaventonAUTHOR'S NOTE:The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor has 38 chapters, and has beenfinished. One chapter will be posted each week, if all goes well. P.D.* * * * *============Chapter Eighteen============ Hardy woke up the next morning sleeping next to Matt asusual. He was up against Matt's back Nn Preteen Pics and buttocks, finding his hard cockwell wedged into Matt's crevice, warm and slightly moist. He had come homethe night before and slid into bed beside his lover. The younger man lightly kissed his lover's neck and shoulderswhile he casually rubbed his hands over Matt's body, feeling the smooth,young tone of his skin everywhere on his body. Matt stirred slightly and straightened his legs, but didn'twake. Hardy didn't want to wake him if he really wanted to sleep somemore. 'However', he thought, 'it's just 6:30 am and we don't have classestoday because of having the Nn Preteen Pics Founder's Day off. So, why not celebrate thosestrange men who built a college on a deserted crossroads in northwestOhio.' He decided that Matt had slept enough, it was his turn togive pleasure. After he and Matt had gotten to bed, Matt tried to consoleHardy because of his father's death. The younger man had come to realizethat he should feel sorry for his father, but, actually not all that much.He hadn't been much of a part of Hardy's life, away on business most of thetime and his son hardly knew him. So, Matt had started sucking Hardy's rampant cock but theyended up in a sixty-nine position, draining the other's ballsthoroughly. Then to sleep. The early spring warmth had caused them to open their windowsthe previous night and Hardy inhaled the drifting, wafting scents of springin the air. That didn't have any adverse effects on Hardy's libido, infact, it begin climbing the heights of his bodily sensations. He started running his hands all over Matt's chest, squeezinghis pecs and his taut abs while enjoying the light fuzz around his alertnipples. 'Ah ha,' Hardy thought, 'he is waking'. Matt rolled lazily over toward Hardy, the man he loved morethan anyone else. Nn Preteen Pics Matt had aroused his brother Steve's awareness to hisinnate sexual needs which included their love. Steve had been married forseven years, about half of the time that he ignored his brother, Matt, fromthe time they were 13 and 16. Steve knew he loved his brother as a brotherbut also as an actual lover, but knew if they acted on that they would beousted from their family. So Steve pretty much neglected his brother forfifteen years. Matt still loved Steve intensely, but now Hardy had taken theprime place in Matt's heart, his man of men, his dream of all dreams. So,he was in this bed, hugging Hardy, caressing his body from neck to butt,delivering light kisses all over Hardy's face, neck and mouth. The two young men began to respond to Matt's call, butsuddenly became aware of unusual Nn Preteen Pics sounds seeming to come from outside theiropen window. They both froze trying to figure out what the noise could be,a regular whacking and whanging sounds with about thirty seconds in betweeneach hit, almost like a golf ball being struck by a driver. They looked at each other at close range, raising theireyebrows between their faces so close together. As one, they pushed downthe covers and got out of the bed to walk to the window, still naked andvery hard. An unexpected sight greeted them at the back fence, beyondthe dairy barn. A person was whacking golf balls as fast as they couldfrom a line laid in the short grass. Neither Matt nor Hardy knew muchabout golf except what they learned before falling asleep while watchingthe latest PGA open. The men were mesmerized by the golfer who appeared tobe an excellent player, hitting long straight balls out into the pasture. Suddenly Hardy had an inspiration, "Matt, I just figured outwho that is. That's my mother. How about that?" Matt looked closer and finally agreed. "Hardy, she's good.Has she played tournaments?" "Sure, at her club. She wins them all. She tried to enterthe men's tournaments but they refused. She was sure they were scared thatshe would beat them." Hardy laughed, "And, I'm not too sure that shewouldn't have." Unexpectedly she turned around and stared closely Nn Preteen Pics at thehouse. Then she lifted her left arm toward them with her first fingerpointed to them, and then the right arm was raised and she rubbing thatpointer finger along the other outstretched finger, as if she were scoldingthem, furiously, 'bad boys'. She was far enough away that they couldn't see the expressionon her face, but her body language was explicit enough. Matt and Hardylooked at each other wondering. A light bulb appeared above their headswhen they realized they were naked at the window and each was pumping theother's cock, very visible behind the glass. The 'boys' started giggling, pulling away from the window andheaded for their master bath. No Jacuzzi today, just a friendly showerbetween the two beautiful hunks. Embarrassed by Anne catching their sexplay, they didn't even jerk off, just washed, dried and dressed quickly,trying to look innocent as ever. Neither could figure out what Anne was doing out therefeeding the cattle golf balls so early in the morning, no breakfast oranything. By the time they reached the kitchen she had returned andgreeted them with a fierce look, "I'd have thought your could keep thosethings under control," she flicked her fingers at their crotches, 'if not,I saw a lot of ewes in the fields giving you the eye!" Then she roaredwith laughter, finishing with peals of giggles as she knew she'd hit themin a bad spot, their sexual pride. Finally, when she stopped laughing, they had started tosnicker at her ribaldry. "Mom, what were you doing out there hitting golf balls intothe pasture in the first place. We were still in bed when we heard thesounds of your driving and just naturally got up to see what was going on.I'm sorry we forgot that we weren't dressed, or Nn Preteen Pics even decent." He hadseemed serious at first, but unfortunately broke character and eventittered. He blushed as did Matt, "Sorry, Mom, it won't happen again." "Don't worry, guys, you keep me young when I see the evidenceof your love. And I still love you both." The men moved to Anne's side, wrapped their arms around herand kissed Nn Preteen Pics her tenderly. "Anne," Matt started, "we do love you as our Momand respect you accordingly. But, what were you doing this morning?" "Sit down, luvs, and I'll serve breakfast." She took up ovenmitts, opened the oven door and pulled out an egg and sausage breakfastdelight whose aroma drew the men to the table quickly. "Now, dig in andI'll get some fruit out." Hardy turned to Matt, "Hey, why don't we have a picnic today.The weather is fairly warm, the school is closed and we can invite theDukes and other friends. What do you say?" "I think the first question should go Nn Preteen Pics to Anne, what do youthink, Anne?" Nn Preteen Pics She thought a moment, "Do know if we have a grill?" Matt pulled out his cell phone, and called Ted Anthony. "Hey, Ted, how you doing?" "That's good, I have a question. Do we have a grill here forbroiling?" "Then you are invited to our picnic on Duke Ranch thisafternoon. You can also invite whoever you want. How much should I get?" "Okay, Ted, see you in a couple of hours. Nn Preteen Pics Thanks somuch. Right" Disconnecting, Matt turned to the others, "There is a grillbehind the house that heats with natural gas. Ted had used it lots andwill be glad to help out by cooking whatever we need." Hardy spoke up, "I'll start calling, I'll tell them to bringwhat ever they want to drink - non-alcoholic, of course, and games toplay. Would that do it?" Nn Preteen Pics "Anne, do you think of anything. I'll head for the grocerylater Nn Preteen Pics and get Nn Preteen Pics what we'll need Nn Preteen Pics if you will write me a list, Mom." Mattgrinned widely, as if Nn Preteen Pics he put one over on her. "Okay, boys, I can do that." Matt and Hardy ate hungrily, enjoying the flavors and warmthof the provisions. Anne ate a bit, then went to her suite for a rest aftergetting up so early. She told her 'boys' that she wondered if they couldput a golf course on their land, or maybe at least a driving range. Thenearest golf courses to Windsor were in Bryan, and they weren't very goodor difficult. That's why she was out practicing. Hardy finished eating and left to check out the possibilitiesof using the barn for parking their cars safely and out of the weather.Matt started to wash up when Todd and Roger came in the room. Heimmediately knew something bad had happened between them. They were bothlooking desperate, depressed and at odds. Neither looked at the other,they walked in with heads down and eyes looking at the floor. "Hi guys," he welcomed, "how about some breakfast? Anne madesome great eggs and sausage for us. Sit down and I'll serve you." The two young men sat across the table from the other, theireyes not meeting and their only sound was a slight grunt after Matt'squestion. He placed a plate of the breakfast in front of each and bothpicked up their fork. Roger ate one bite, but Todd just put his fork backdown and broke out in tears and sobs. Roger gave Todd a look, a look ofdistaste and total indifference. He went back to his food, eating anotherbit. Matt knew these young were not going to be able to settletheir problem by themselves, not this early in their relationship. So, whowas going to help them? Nn Preteen Pics Who else? "Todd, Roger, would you come to the den with Nn Preteen Pics me, please?Now." He paused, "If necessary, I'll make you more breakfast later. Okay?"Neither young man looked at Matt, or each other, but did stand up. 'Well,that's a start,' Matt thought. Once in the den, Matt asked them to sit on the couch whichthey did, but as far apart as they could get. He smiled to himself, yetthinking more positively of success in his effort. "My dear friends, I love you both and have been thrilledknowing you." Matt actually sat on the floor in front of the couch, notwanting to be in a position of authority over them. When they looked at Matt, their fierce scowls had eased abit, their reddened, tear traced eyes had seemed to lose some of theirfire. "And I am so happy to have you both in our 'family'. I justhope I can help you as you need it. Todd, will you please tell Nn Preteen Pics me what hashappened and Roger, do not say anything!" Roger gave Matt a fierce look, but Todd took a deep breathand began. "It started after I watched the Dukes practice and we went toHob Nob for some food. I have met all the Dukes and Duchess, but don'treally know them, I don't feel comfortable with them yet." Now Todd is aman, over six foot, and slender, but a good size, not afraid of much. "We all went inside and took a six person booth. Roger wentin one side to the end of the seat and Jamal followed him. Before I couldmove, Chris took the Nn Preteen Pics end seat on that side. I guess I didn't move fastenough." He hesitated to wipe his eyes, still leaking slightly. "So, I sat at the end of the other side across from Chris andbeside BJ and LJ. I felt abandoned and alone. We ordered and I tried toeat but I had to watch Roger and Jamal talking very quietly, their ownconversation occasionally laughing with each other. I couldn't eat anddidn't want to break into tears with all the Dukes around. "I got up, paid my bill and went out to sit in my car. Afterabout a half hour, Roger came out to the car." At the point Roger took in a gasp of air, ready to respond toTodd. Matt gave him his ultimate 'don't go there' glare and he subsided. Matt spoke softly to Todd, "Is that all, Todd?" "Yes." "What were you thinking, Todd, tell both of us please." Tears started up again, "I felt all terrible. I was sure thatRoger was going to leave me and I wanted to just curl up and die." Matt broke in, "But what did Roger say when he got in yourcar." "He asked me what was wrong. I said 'nothing' because Icouldn't explain then. After a sleepless night and horrible thoughts, Ididn't know what to do. I took my pillows and tried to sleep on the floor.I guess it sounds as if I'm pretty insecure, and I suppose I am." Then Roger broke in too, "But, Toddy, I did too, I slept onthe floor, too." Matt started, "I'll sort of recap, if you will, Todd, thatyou felt as if Roger had already left you, right?" Nn Preteen Pics Todd nodded his head. "And you decided that you were going to be cut off just likewhen your mother did it. Right?" Todd again nodded and curled even further into a ball. Matt reached up with both hands, "Will you please take one ofmy hands? Both of you." Soon Matt had Roger's right hand in his right, and Todd'sleft hand in his left. He smiled at Roger and then Todd. "My opinion is that bothof you have not been thinking clearly nor have you been trying tounderstand your partner. Roger, you forgot that Todd is not a part of yourgroup and needs attention from you, and Todd, you will need to allow Rogerhis friendly relationship with the Dukes and not feel left out. Now, whatdo you say?" Roger looked at Todd, "Toddy, I'm so sorry. It's all my faultbecause I never thought about you and I should have been helping you becomepart of the group. Please forgive me, love. I need you so much and I willtry to do better. Okay." He gave Todd the most pleading look Matt had eversee. "Rog, I'm sorry too, I took what has just a friendlyconversation as something unfriendly." He stopped and looked hard at Roger,"It was just a friendly conversation, right?" Roger smiled broadly at Todd, "Jamal and I were trying todecide what to give Chris when the baby is born. Some of his suggestionswere entirely obscene, so we laughed at them. I am so sorry, Toddy, Ishould have made sure that you sat beside me." With a sudden leap Todd sprang onto Roger, pinning him to thecouch. Their hands were ripped from mine so they could hold each other.They were writhing and squirming on the couch. Nn Preteen Pics Matt was getting worried, and even more worried as he watchTodd open Roger's jeans, pulling down the zipper with one hand. 'He's beenpracticing,' Matt thought. Then he noticed that both pair of jeans andunderwear were down to the young men's knees. Matt yelled, "Hey, guys," they turned to him, "Guys, this isno place for your reconciliation, Okay?" By that time both cocks werebreathing in the fresh air. "And, guys, I don't need to see this. Please,pull up your pants and head for your room. NOW," he yelled. Like startled deer in the woods Todd and Roger gathered theirpants in their hands right in front of their genitals and headed out thedoor. Matt had a quick peek of two beautiful asses, bouncing and flexingin full view of their family head, which brought a saying to Matt's mindabout 'they high-tailed it out of town'. And those were high class 'tails'if he'd ever seen any. A female yell came from near the stairway, "Hey, what are youguys ...." The message trailed off into the distance. Nn Preteen Pics Matt walked quicklyto the stairway and found Anne rather startled by the young men and theirbutts hanging out as they climbed to the Nn Preteen Pics security of their room. Matt couldn't help laughing at Anne, he'd loved to have seenher face when she was actually confronted, or is it conreared, by the twofull, round pairs of saucy buttocks attached to a pair of very happy youngmen. As he put his arm around Anne's shoulders, he explained whathad happened and he didn't want cum stains on the good leather furniture inthe den. Anne gave him a frown, "Dr. Ridgway, have some couth, please,for my tender ears." Then they both laughed together, hugging and kissing. "Okay, Mom, I'll try, but remember I ain't had no goodupbringin'."* * * * *About an hour later Matt climbed the stairs to the boys' roomand knocked. He had already called the grocery in town for meat, rolls,chips and relishes which would be ready for him to pick up about noon.Hardy told him that he had called all the Dukes and many of the band plusDean MacAllister and tried the faculty but only reached Marty Stuart andKurt Nordstrom who would bring 'Sunshine'. The rest of the faculty had lefttown, he guessed. "Guys, could I talk to you a minute?" A long pause of silence. Todd's voice, "Okay, Matt, come on in." He poked his head in the door, "Is everything all right,guys?" The young men were sitting up in the bed, covered up to theirwaist, broad smiles painted on their faces. Roger said, "Come over here,Matt, and shut the door, please." Matt also locked the door just in case. Matt walked near their bed and suddenly felt the hands, armsand legs of two completely naked young men were all over his body. He fellon the bed with them on top, kissing him all over his face, neck and ears. He groaned, "Not the ears, guys, not the ears. I'm toosensitive there." He didn't know what to do with his hands, then decided not toworry and grabbed their bodies wherever, hands feeling the smooth youngflesh. There was no question, Matt had gotten a huge boner which was notto be hidden. Cupping their buttocks had contributed the most. When Todd and Roger realized what they had done, they stoppedplaying. "Matt," Roger started, "we just wanted to Nn Preteen Pics thank you forhelping us. We might have even split up though we both would have beendevastated. We know what to do now, we hope." Nn Preteen Pics Nn Preteen Pics Matt spoke though their lips were on his, "Try very hard todo one thing, men, don't ever go to sleep when you are angry with eachother. Talk it out, hard as that may be. Okay?" They nodded, licking Matt's face all the while. Then theywent back to the ears. Matt knew what was happening but not how to stop them. Hefelt his pants being undone and then pushed down to his ankles along withhis boxers. What could he do? They again lay on top of Matt, their cockspressing against his hips while he rubbed their buttocks, wondering whohurt. "Who has the sore butt today?" Matt asked between kissingeach young friend. Todd and Roger grinned Nn Preteen Pics at each other, then proudly, "Matty,we were both a bottom and a top. We like it that way. Now will you pleasenot do anything, just let us please you?" "I give up," Matt surrendered. He rationalized that theywanted to thank him. Ha! The two healthy, naked bodies slipped slightly lower on Mattuntil their lips took one nipple apiece, sucking and nipping, tonguing thetip and around the areola, both large since Matt's nipples were the size ofa quarter, lying over the edge of his pecs. 'Oh, man,' Matt thought, his crotch filling with eroticsensations from the sucking, 'this must be what a mother of twins wouldfeel. Enough to send me to Cumland.' "Oh, please, guys, not the tits any more, it's too much." Both men put their hands on Matt's eight inch cock, solid andfull-strength, his head flushed and swollen, dripping precum too. The twoyoung men placed their lips on Matt's cock head, on opposite sides andworked it, tonguing, sucking and getting their lips around it. Todd heldit upright and still while Roger got one hand around Matt's scrotum,working the balls inside the scrotum around with his fingers. Nn Preteen Pics Getting to their present position meant that the young men'sgroins were flopping in and about Matt's head. He brought his arms up tohold their buttocks still so he could grab their cocks and bring them invicinity of his mouth. He could suck them off too. He swivelled his headback and forth, licking and sucking one cockhead in his mouth then turningto the other one. Todd's cock was about 7 inches he estimated, not thickthough but solid and smooth, no veins sticking out as yet. The head was acommon helmet type, complete with a deep flange making it easy to hold ontowith his lips. Roger's cock was thicker than Todd's, but not much, and notquite as long. The base was wide and the shaft narrowed as it reached thehead which almost followed the contours of the shaft. When erect, the headdid open up some, but nothing like Todd's. While enjoying their mouths on his cock, Matt told Todd tokneel over his head, facing his feet. Grabbing his buttocks, Matt pulleddown on them until Todd's cock slid smoothly into Matt's mouth. Nothingpleased Matt more than a young man's rock hard cock down his throat,leaking precum that tasted so youthful and fresh. Matt kept on attackingTodd's cock until he felt the younger man's body begin to shake. He decidednot to make him cum yet. Matt was feeling tight stirring in his crotch, a warning, apreliminary to his explosion. In spite of that, he released Todd's cock,grabbed his butt and pulled it to his face, slathering the crevice betweenthe cheeks with his tongue. He pointed his tongue right at the wrinkledhole, sliding it around and into it, thrilled with the flavor of soap andsome of Todd's maleness. Obviously, the guys had showered well after theiranal intercourse. "Oh, god, Oh," Matt groaned and tensed so tightly, his jointscracked as his muscles cramped but his cock erupted with streams of thickwhite semen, spread all over Roger 's and Todd's faces. They licked thecum from each other's face, loving the flavor of their 'hero' as Matt hadbecome. The two young men turned around and knelt beside Matt's hips,leaned over him to kiss his face while they jerked off, their fists movingwith lightening speed along their cock shafts. Very quickly they bothrealized their goal, they came furiously on Matt's body, pooling their cumon his chest and some on his face too. The three hugged and kissed,relaxing from their exertions and passionate outpourings of love and sperm. Rapid knocks came from their bedroom door, outside, made bylittle fists. "Toddy and Roger, Nana says for you to get up and take us outinto the pasture." No one spoke. What were they going to do? "Okay, boys," Todd spoke up, sounding sleepy, "we just wokeup and will come down in a few minutes. Okay? Can you help Nana for alittle while?" Grudgingly, they said "Okay", and left, the men hoped. Swift showers for the three men, hugs and kisses and intoclothes.* * * * * Matt drove into Windsor to pick up the groceries. He wouldalso have liked some beer for the picnic, but if the others couldn't haveanything alcoholic, he couldn't either. Oh, well. I said it so I have tolive by it. He had left Steven and Gary helping Anne getting ready for thepicnic. They found some picnic tables when told by Ted that they were inthe barn. They were light aluminum, not the very heavy wooden ones, andeasy to carry. The tables were situated between the house and the barn, outof the wind which, though not frigid, wasn't very warm. They hopedeveryone would come well dressed. "Hey, Gary, couldn't we use the basement rooms too, you know,especially if it gets much colder." "Yeah, I guess, Steve, but it would be better outside. Let'saim for that." They walked over to Ted, resurrecting the old grill, still ingood shape. Whoever had put it away the last time, did a good job ofcleaning the grease off. This grill was large, easily able to cook a threedozen hamburgs plus a few packages of hot dogs at the same time. "Ted, are there any tools you will need to cook with?" Ted opened the door of the cabinet below the grill to reveala drawer full of spatulas, large forks and spoons plus tons of paper platesand cups. "When I put this away, I guess last fall, I made sureeverything was in place. This thing will warm up quickly. Besides thegrill, it has a griddle for cooking pancakes, bacon and even steak if youwant." "That's great, Ted, we really appreciate your work and thanksfor cooking." Gary looked at Steve, turned back, "Neither of us would bemuch good at it." Steve punched Gary playfully on the arm. Ted looked onwith considerable envy. "Anne, that's Hardy's mother, is busy making potato Nn Preteen Pics salad andbaked beans. Nn Preteen Pics This will be a great picnic." Steve yelled, "Look out there, Todd and Roger are beingchased by the wild animals," he laughed, "and they are running scared, Ithink." The three watched Todd and Roger running from Jacob andJoshua, 'accidentally' falling down so the boys could 'capture' them andtie them up. Steve didn't know who taught the boys to tie knots, but theydid a good job. After the boys came back to the house and hid behind Steveand Gary, Roger and Todd got up with difficulty and hobbled back with theirlegs and arms tied. "Come on, guys, help us. Those animals," Todd nodded to thelittle boys, "tied us up and we can't get loose." "Okay, we'll do it, but you are going to have to live withthe shame," Steve laughed at the young men. "I'd suggest not quite such aviolent game."* * * * * By three o'clock that afternoon probably 50 people had joinedthe growing party. All the Dukes were there, plus quite a few of Matt'sregular band, a few faculty and friends of those men and women. This wasno all gay party, quite the contrary. Anne was the reigning queen with hercourt making up to her. The beautiful princess was Christine Griffith,famous for her role in the Dukes playing and dancing group. Most of the band members brought their girl friends as didfaculty members. Hamish MacAllister brought his wife, a beautiful slimwoman who enchanted everyone she met. Not quite the same could be said of Kurt Nordstrom's goldenboy friend, Sunshine, who was so good looking that he was a special focusof interest at the party. Kurt introduced him as his younger brother, butpractically no one believed him, though no one challenged Kurt. Ted Anthony cooked hamburger after hamburger and wieners forthose so desirous. He flipped burgers fast as any professional grill chef,keeping up a running commentary while he cooked and drank Pepsi afterPepsi. The older men tried to relieve Ted but he wouldn't stand for it.This was his job and he would do it. After most everyone had eaten, games were brought out,including badminton, horseshoes, volleyball, pitch and catch and touchfootball. Some teams were soon formed and the games were on. The Dukes decided to concentrate on volleyball, dividing intotwo teams; Whites and Purples for school colors. BJ, LJ, Rick and Jamalwere on White while Hardy, Roger, Todd as a guest, and Chris were Purple. The game was fast and furious, but the teams were equal intalent. Jamal on White was not the best. He always had said that he was arelative of Tiger Woods, but couldn't play golf. On the Purple team it wasTodd who lacked the skills. Roger promised himself to take his lover inhand to build up his athletic ability. But he smiled lovingly at his Toddywho tried his best. Nn Preteen Pics The Whites took the first game and were leading in thesecond. Little Jeff hit the ball well with his fist, over the net andbetween Chris and Hardy who both raced for it. Unfortunately they arrivedat the same time and ran together with a hard thump. Hardy ended uphitting the ball back over the Nn Preteen Pics net, but Chris fell to the ground and didn'tget up. Roger was kneeling beside her, his ear at her mouth. "I'mhurting, Rog, inside and down low. I think I should go to the emergency.Would you take me, please." "Sure, love, but wouldn't calling 9-1-1 be quicker." She shook her head, 'no', "Please, Roger, quickly, you knowwhy." Roger sent Hardy to bring Matt's van right where Chris waslaying. Within a couple minutes Hardy had the van at the volley courtwith the doors open. Roger lifted Chris and laid her across the secondseat and crawled inside, while Todd got in on the other side. Nn Preteen Pics Nn Preteen Pics Nn Preteen Pics "Ok, Hardy, let's go." From that point the van was at the emergency entrance to theWindsor Hospital in 10 minutes and Chris in a cubicle in another minute.Hardy took care of the business at the desk. Roger and Todd were sick thatthey wouldn't be allowed to be with Chris. A nurse soon came into the waiting room, asking for someonenamed Roger. "That's me," Roger said, "can I see her?" "Follow me," the nurse said flatly, no compassion at all. Roger found Chris laying on her side on the gurney, lookingvery pale and weak.She started to talk to Roger, but began to cry instead. Hetook hold of her hand, kissed her forehead, "Chris, dear, if it is badnews, we'll deal with ... together." He kissed her again. "Oh, Roger, they think I may have lost the baby, but theywon't know for some hours. I'll be alright here, dear, you go home withHardy and Toddy and I'll call you when I know." "No, Chris, we're going Nn Preteen Pics to stay here with you. Don't besilly, we won't leave you." Chris had been given a sedative and was becoming verysleepy. "Now listen to me, Rog, I want you to obey me, I ... don't ... want... you .......", she closed her eyes and slept. With another kiss on her forehead Roger reluctantly releasedher hand and returned to the waiting room. Hardy and Todd immediatelygathered with him in a huddle. "Well, Rog, what's going on?" Todd asked. Roger took a deep breath, then said, "Chris says the doctorthinks she may have lost the baby, but they won't know for at least 24hours. She doesn't want us to wait around, but I really hate to leaveright now. She's asleep and probably will be until morning." Hardy considered, "Roger, she is probably right. I know youwant to stay, but you won't be able to talk to her or help her. We'll goback to the house and come back here early in the morning. Okay?" Nn Preteen Pics "I guess," Roger agreed unwillingly, "we'll have to telleveryone what has happened. I don't think we should talk about a baby.Chris didn't want that, so what should we say?" Hardy said they needed help. He pulled out his cell phone. "Hi, would you put Matt on the phone? Thanks." "Matt, here." "Matt, it's Hardy. We got Chris to emergency in good time.The doctor's Nn Preteen Pics think she may have lost the baby, but won't know for 24 hours.We're coming back, but don't know what to say about Chris when we getthere. What do you think?" "I hate to lie to them, but she didn't want it known, so youwill just have to say she twisted her knee and it's not bad, but they willhave to keep her overnight." "Okay, Matt, we can do that." "Right, and tell Roger and Todd not to look gloomy or downhearted. Those two guys would be instant giveaways." "Gotcha, Matt. See you in a few."* * * * *The picnic continued almost until dark, fairly early in thelate winter. Matt and Steve were pleased that everyone had a good time, asthey were told by all those leaving. The field next to the house made agreat parking lot. Since they expected to have many social times like thatday, the space will come in handy so they probably won't landscape it likethe rest. When questions were asked about Chris, the inquirers weregiven the stretched ligaments answer and she would be fine in a few days.Best of all, before they left, the young people helped to clean up thearea, putting tables and chairs away. They also without exception, thankedone of their hosts; Matt, Steve, Hardy, Gary or Anne, very appreciative ofthe offer to sponsor the picnic. After all the guests had left, the house was quiet, almostsomber. They were all afraid of what might happen to Chris and were havinga hard time waiting, especially Roger. He and Todd went to bed early,laying wrapped together for the first couple of hours, not being able tosleep. Finally, Todd went to the kitchen, made them some cocoa which hetook back to their bedroom. The warmth and milk seemed to help since theycuddled and kissed, then dropped off to sleep. Everyone retired for the night. Matt and Hardy also layawake for quite a while but never thought of enjoying each other's body,sex and passion had no Nn Preteen Pics place in their thoughts. At four o'clock in themorning Matt finally awoke to answer their phone which probably had beenringing for a while. "Hello." "Is this Dr. Ridgway?" "Yes." Nn Preteen Pics "This is Dr Allen at Windsor Hospital. Miss Chris Griffithsasked me to call. She would like you to be with her in the hospital now.I'm afraid she did lose the baby, sad to say. And she feels too close toher boyfriend who was here earlier. Could you come, now?" "Of course, Dr., I'll be there within .. oh ... 15-20minutes." "That would be fine. Dr. Ridgway, I know who you are, but inthe hospital I will call you Doctor in front of the staff. The less theyknow the better, and it's not a lie." He grinned. "Excellent. I and a few others knew about her pregnancy, butshe didn't want it broadcast over the city. She is over 21 and I don'tthink anyone need try to call her parents. Her insurance is her ownthrough the College." "I understand, Doctor, we'll try to keep it quiet."* * * * * At four in the morning the parking lot was empty so Matt wasinside within seconds of arriving at the Hospital. He was greeted at the emergency door by a tall, young manwearing a tag that said, "Dr. John Allen." Assuming the man entering the hospital was Dr. Ridgway, heimmediately pinned a name tag on Matt, reading "Dr. Matthew Ridgway". Theyshook hands and John Allen led Matt to his office. "Matt, we've met before," Matt nodded, recognizing him froman open house at Windsor Castle honoring someone or other. "Chris is verydepressed with losing her child. She told me she didn't know who thefather was. Is that right?" Nn Preteen Pics Matt smiled, "That is true. She and her doctor applied to asperm bank and the pregnancy was the result. Therefore, she never knew whoit was." "That young man who was with her earlier seemed so close toher I assumed he was the father." Again Matt smiled, "That was Roger Adams. He had been admiredgreatly by Chris, but had to decline. That young man is gay, though hestill loves Chris. He's smart enough to realize that their union would notbe a good thing. And he has his own partner now." "I see. I guess you will have to do since there are noparents. We didn't try to find them because Chris said they weren't in thecountry." "That's probably correct, John, and that's why I'm a doctor,since I'm not a relative, right?" "Yup. Let's go see Chris. Do your best, Matt, she needssomeone badly." "Is she in her own Nn Preteen Pics room now?" "She's on the second floor. After the D&C procedure, she wasmoved to her own room." Matt looked strangely at John, "D&C? What's that/" John smiled, "We call it the Dusting and Cleaning that comesfor a procedure Chris went through after the miscarriage." "Whatever you say, Doc."* * * * * Matt eased himself through the door to where Chris waslaying. He sat on the stool beside her bed, reached out and brushed herhair from her forehead. Her eyes opened wide suddenly, saw Matt and shesat up. She reached out for him desperately, so Matt sat on her bed besideher. He held the fragile young woman, her body shaking with deepsobs, her face pressed against his as he held her tightly. His handsrubbed her bare back, bare because of the hospital gown she was wearing, orhalf wearing. "Oh, Chris, I'm so sorry that you lost your baby. We all hadgreat hopes for you and your new life, you are our dream duchess, rememberthat." Chris only moaned, crying and keening softly. "Matt, thankyou for coming. Roger is wonderful but not what I need now. I know youare only 8 years older than me, but you are the father I can only wish Ihad." Matt kept rubbing her back, trying to relax those tensemuscles. "You're going to be okay, aren't you?" Chris pulled away a bit to look him in the eyes, "Yes,Dr. Allen says so. He's so wonderful, Matt, I'm going to hate to leavehere." "I've been thinking, would you like to stay at the farm housefor a few days. We have a spare bedroom and a full tine nurse. Anne Wolfewould be delighted to help you." He looked at her again, "How about it?" She pulled herself against Matt again, "Oh, Matt, that wouldbe wonderful, thank you. So much better than going home just to be alone."She hesitated, "I think I better lay down again, I think I can sleep now." "Okay, Chris, dear, take it easy and we'll talk some more,later today." Chris lay her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Shehad a hold on Matt's thumb, and wasn't about to let go. Chris was talkingvery softly, so Matt put his ear close to her mouth. "I was going to name him Matthew." Matt stood, leaned over her and placed a soft kiss on herforehead. Chris just moaned a bit and was asleep. He was able to pull histhumb from her grip. Matt walked into the hall and met Dr. Allen. "Was the baby a boy, John?" Nn Preteen Pics John Allen shook his name, "I don't know, too early. I askedher what she thought it was and that's why I said a boy." "She's sleeping now, John, I hope I did some good. She'sgoing to come and stay with me and my family. We have the old Anthonyfarmhouse, down on Rt. 15." "I know where that is. Great place. That's will be good forher. Thanks for coming in." "When would she be able to leave?" "I would say this afternoon, maybe around three. But checkwith the nurse." He smiled. "I'm sure a couple of her friends will want to see her later.Can they?" "Yes, Matt, I'll leave instructions that she can havevisitors." Matt nodded and handed back his badge. "Bye" "Bye." They both had smiled conspiratorially and shookhands.* * * * *By five o'clock Matt was stripping naked to slide in the bedwith Hardy. He hated to wake his lover, but he was freezing and thequickest way to warm would be to cuddle up against his hot blooded youngstud. He smiled to himself, 'You know you're going to wake Hardy, so goit.' Nn Preteen Pics Matt slid his body onto Hardy's side of the bed and plasteredhis own body against the other, holding him with his arms. "Oh, god, what is it. Oh, it's you Matt, where have you been,in the freezer? You are ice cold, man, you are taking all my body heat,love." "I'll try to replace some of that, Hardy, luv, a bit later,but hold me now, please?" Hardy let Matt nestle against him, "So, where HAVE you been?" Nn Preteen Pics "I Nn Preteen Pics got a call from Chris's doctor, John Allen whom I've metbefore. He said that Chris had lost the baby ....." Hardy broke in, "Oh, Matt, poor Chris, she'll be desolate.We ought to go to her." Nn Preteen Pics "Lover, that's where I've been. I was at the hospital alittle after four and just got home. I consoled her and hugged her. Ithink she'll be alright, but I invited her to stay with us for a few days.I know we have to be at school tomorrow, but Anne will be here and maybe ifChris helped with the boys, it might help." "Yes, I think you are right. " He groaned, "Oh, you poor man,so cold and up so early. I'll take of you, I'll really warm you up." Hardy dove under the covers until his head rested on Matt'sstomach, his face aimed toward Matt's frigid cock, small and practicallycowering between his legs. By moving further down, Hardy could wrap Matt'sprick gently in his mouth, providing warmth. While he sucked on it like ona mother's tit, Matt's cock wasn't getting any larger. He wondered whatwas going on but then heard Matt's characteristic low snore. He went tosleep while Hardy was sucking him. 'Oh, well,' Hardy thought, 'maybe laterthis morning.'* * * * * "Here they are, Joshy, they are still asleep." Matt andHardy heard Jacob's small voice as if it were inside their ears. Joshuaran into their bedroom, jumping up on the bed as Jacob had done. "Let's getunder the covers and wake them up." Both small boys burrowed between the two young men who weregradually waking up and very concerned because they were naked and both hadboners. "Oh, what the hell, Hardy, they've seen their father and Gary inthis state, so why not us." The two men each grabbed a young squiggly boy in their arms,squeezing and tickling until they were screaming with laughter. They soonrelented and let the boys grab hold of them and hug and kiss everybody.Matt and Hardy were laying on their backs, each with a young boy bodylaying on top of their chests. And occasional kick with a leg or footsmacked into one or the other of the erections, standing tall, ready andeager. Soon Matt and Hardy gave in to the knowledge that theyweren't going to get any play time that morning. Then Hardy had athought. He whispered to Matt, "Matt, let's carry them into our shower andwe'll take our shower with them. Huh?" "Sounds good Nn Preteen Pics to me, Woofie, let's do it." The little boys screamed with excitement as they were carriedto the master shower where Matt and Hardy stripped them of their pyjamas,set the temperature and entered the huge shower area. The little boys weresoon slick and wet, chasing each other in the forest of the mens' legs. Hardy and Matt sat on the tile floor, each grabbing a kid andholding them against their naked bodies. The erections which they hadwoken up with had returned in full force and were quickly noticed by Joshuaand Jacob. Jacob yelled, "Uncle Matt, you look just like Daddy here," ashe pulled on Matt's cock. "Jacob, remember that your Daddy is my brother, just like youand Joshua, so we are going to be alike. Yes, I'm just like your Daddy." Joshua was sitting in Hardy's lap, comparing his own cockletwith Hardy's big one. "You are awful big, Hardy, but I like you." He stoodup and kissed Hardy smack on the lips, wrapping his arms around Hardy'sneck. "Come on, guys, we're supposed to be getting washed andclean." Matt got two bars of soap, gave one to Hardy and they began toapply suds to each naked little body. Neither of the men were pedophilesat all, but the feeling of the boys' bare skin increased theireroticism. Never would they have sex with a child, but they were beingexcited nevertheless. Matt knew that sometimes little boys would get hard ons, butneither Jacob or Joshua were in that Nn Preteen Pics condition. They stood in front oftheir washing man as he rubbed their body with soap and hands, fronts and aquick whiz over their genitals, then their backs and those beautiful Nn Preteen Pics littlebuttocks each boy carried. Neither man could help spending a little timefeeling those pert, juicy little butts, then a little inside to clean theirassholes. As soon as the boys were done, Matt announced that he andHardy needed to wash. One bar of soap was used by the men while Jacob andJoshua walked around the men washing their legs, and, with a stretch, themen's buttocks and balls and Nn Preteen Pics cocks. They even managed to squirrel theirfingers inside the rears to wash. Naturally with the boy's endeavors at washing the big guys,they had reclaimed their hard cocks, swinging back and forth as they moved.All of a sudden Matt knew they had to quit the whole party. Hardy Nn Preteen Pics noddedin agreement, knowing he was heading toward a climax quickly. Sex with theboys was not in order. Both boys were thoroughly rinsed, held under the spray and'flown' like little planes in the wash. When Matt and Hardy were rinsed,too, they opened the doors and all scampered out to find towels. A finetime was had by all. Except Matt and Hardy missed their 'time' together.* * * * * When Matt was ready for school, he knocked lightly on Anne'ssuite door. Anne answered and he said he needed to talk to her before heleft. The door opened and Anne was fully dressed, ready for herday. "Morning, Anne, we have a problem. Chris lost her baby lastnight, I was out at the hospital about four a.m. to see her. She mainlyneeds people support so I invited her to spend a few days with us here atthe Duke Ranch. Do you think that was OK?" "Of course, Matt, when will she be here? Ah, wait, sheprobably shouldn't climb stairs for a while. She can have my room." Nn Preteen Pics "Super, doesn't that couch in your living area open up into adouble bed?" "Matt, I don't know what I'm going to do with you." He pattedhis face, smiling, "Chris will have my bed, and I will take the couch.Then I can be close if she needs me in the night."* * * * * With band rehearsal over Matt just had the Dukes rehearsalaround five. He had time to see if Chris was ready to go to his house. Hetold Hardy what he was going to do. When Hardy offered to go along, Mattsaid that he needed him to stay at the music department in case Matt didn'tget back in time for the Dukes rehearsal. Hardy agreed. Matt walked into Chris's hospital room to find her alldressed and ready to go. She smiled broadly, "Dr. M., we need the nurse to take medown to the entrance and then I can go. When she comes, maybe you could gobring your van by the front entrance." "That's what I can do, Chris," he kissed her on the forehead,"I'll be right back in a flash with the Nash." He snickered, "Just alittle automotive humor." "Yes, very little," Chris countered, "I do know what Nn Preteen Pics a Nashwas, my grandfather had one. He told me why they were so popular." As the nurse arrived, she looked at Matt, "Dr. Ridgway, whatare you ....? Oh, I know. The Dukes and this is the Duchess." "Right on, Mary," giving her a big wink and smile. He hadlooked at her badge. Matt opened the van door for Chris, holding her arm as shecarefully and gently sat on the Nn Preteen Pics cushioned seat. When they started out,Chris asked if she could stop by the house to get some clothes and 'stuff'. "Sure, but do you have to climb stairs?" "Yes, dear Dr M., but it is Ok, I didn't actually deliver soI'm not under restrictions." "Well, don't tell Anne about that and you will get the betterbed." "What?" Chris looked at Matt weirdly. "Never mind, you'll understand later."* * * * * By four o'clock that afternoon Matt delivered Chris to TheDuke Ranch. He had talked Nn Preteen Pics to Anne before he had gone to the hospital,explaining what he was doing and could she be ready by four. At herpositive answer he went ahead to pick up Chris. Matt carried Chris's bag Nn Preteen Pics into the house where they ran intoAnne Wolfe waiting for them. "Now Chris, let's get you comfortable and the man overthere," pointing at Matt, "can just go to his Dukes rehearsal." "By the way Chris we aren't replacing you at all, they willjust work around you. We'll just work over some of the old stuff, nothingnew until we see where we will be playing in the future. Bye, dear. " Hekissed Chris on the forehead, "Gee," he whispered, "I'm getting to enjoythis very much." Chris peeked at Matt from under her lashes, "You mean.... maybe?" "No, no, Chris, no orientation switch, just an appreciabledifference Nn Preteen Pics in texture and softness." He said 'Bye,' and left.* * * * * Anne led Chris into her suite and into the bedroom. "This is where you can put your things," as Anne showed her abureau with two drawers completely cleared out. "Put your toiletries in thebathroom there, and since I want you in bed for a while, find somethingappropriate to wear." Nn Preteen Pics Chris was immediately fond of this older woman, Hardy'smother. "Anne, I appreciate your help a lot, but I don't want to put youout of your bed." Nn Preteen Pics She indicated the queen sized bed, "This is yours, isn'tit?" "No, dear, it's yours now, I have a bed in the other roomwhich will be fine." She quickly turned toward Chris, "And I want notbacktalk!" She smiled to east the temper of her words. Anne headed for the door to the living area, "Give me a call,Chris, when you are already in bed, I'll come in and we'll talk a bit." When called, Anne walked toward her bed, marveling at thebeautiful girl in the bed who was so pale and tired looking. She sat on thebed beside Chris and took one hand in hers. "Chris, you have had a terrific blow to your system and youremotions. You need rest, and I'm going to see that you get it. Okay?" "Thanks you so much, Mrs. ....." Anne broke in, "I'm Anne to you, Chris, please. I'm Mom toHardy and Matt, Steve and Gary, but Nana to Jacob, Joshua, Todd andRoger. I have lots of names and I love them all." She walked toward the door, "Chris, I'll be in the Nn Preteen Pics next room,reading or knitting, and I want you to call me if you needme. Anytime. Okay?" "Thanks, Anne, I believe I will sleep now." Chris shut her eyes and let her mind drift. Before goingcompletely out, she said to herself, 'Bless you, little Matt, wherever youare.' A tear fell from one eye and she slept.* * * * * Dean MacAllister worked at his desk, mostly with paper workwhich he hated, but which his job required of him. He would love being ateacher again, watching students grow and learn, but that would mean alower salary for him. And he knew Mrs. MacAllister wouldn't stand forthat. He loved his wife but sometimes had a difficult time being patientwith her. Suddenly, the door to the outer office swung open with aswish of air. In the doorway stood Dr. Powers, Head of the MusicDepartment. The Dean wondered where in hell was his secretary, she take aleave of absence? Powers spoke stertorously directly at the Dean. "Hamish, I wondering what has happened to the invitations forthe Dukes to perform. I can't find them anywhere." Hamish stared brusquely at Powers, "Dr. Powers, thoseinvitations were not yours to act on. They were mine and Dr. Ridgway's.You took off, played politics in Columbus and told the committee that theDukes would play for the SMEC. We found the notice in the Columbus paperthat they would play, even before Dr. Ridgway got the invitation. You hadno right to do that, sir. That's was Dr. Ridgway's prerogative to schedulewherever and whenever he felt the Dukes were ready. Fortunately, the groupplayed spectacularly in that case. "You are forthwith notified by me, and I will put it inwriting, that you have absolutely Nn Preteen Pics no rights concerning The Dukes andDuchess of Windsor, ever. You did everything you could to stop theirformation and their performances. It was galling that Dr. Ridgway wasforced to have them play for the trustees just for approval of theirorganization. Nn Preteen Pics "You are walking a fine line here, Dr. Powers, I was ready tosuspend you without pay for the rest of this school year for leavingwithout authorization and for giving your secretary two weeks vacation withpay." He glared at Dr. Powers, "Is that clear to you?" At least Dr. Powers gave a semblance of rueful regret as henodded his head. "And if you ever come in my office again without permission,you will be fired." Hamish MacAllister put his head down to finish his desk work. He spoke, "You are dismissed."* Nn Preteen Pics * * * * One of the Dean's office runners reached the music auditoriumjust as the Dukes practice was finished. He told Matt that the Dean wouldlike to speak to him at his convenience. Matt couldn't help staring at theyoung man's prominent buttocks as they bounced out of the room. As helooked back, he caught Hardy looking at him and smiling. Abashed and blushing, Matt looked at his lover, shrugged andsmiled in all innocence, he hoped. He told Hardy where he was going and towait for him, although he could ride back with Todd and Roger if he wanted. Nn Preteen Pics "I'll wait, lover." He spoke very quietly and wanted to hugthe man, but couldn't, too many students around.* * * * * "Hi, Matt, I just wanted to tell you that I have chewedDr. Powers out royally and if he gives you any more trouble, you will takeover his job immediately because I'll fire his ass!" Matt had never seen Hamish so upset, so he said, "Come on,Hamish, don't let that old buzzard get your shorts in a twist, easy doesit." Matt grinned cheekily at the Dean. Hamish couldn't help smiling back. "Ok, Matt," he handed Matt a manila folder quite filled withrequests for a performance by the Dukes. "Here, there are 46 invitationsfor the Dukes." "Wow, look at all these invitations," Matt declared, "no waycan we do this many. I guess we'll have to pick and choose. We shouldn'tdo more than maybe four before the year end. Okay?" "Matt, I just had a fight with Powers about that. You are onyour own. Pick what you want to do, or don't do any." He changed thesubject, "How does the group look for next year?" "All the seniors in the Dukes Nn Preteen Pics will be in graduate school hereand can play. The only change will be Roger Adams for Hardy Wolfe. It ismy choice that Hardy be the new director of the Dukes. Yes, I willsupervise him closely, but I know he can do it. And if I'm Head of theDepartment that will free my time for other things." "Matt, that sounds great. I'm glad we'll have Hardy back.He's a great guy, don't you think?" Hamish squirreled his face into a mockquestioning look, knowing full well that Matt and Hardy were a couple. Nn Preteen Pics "I'll get you for that, Hamish, just you wait." He thought,"Hey, did you have a good time at the picnic yesterday?" "I sure did, thanks, your place is perfect for that. I hopethere will be many more." Matt headed for the door, "Sure will be. We love them too."He waved, "Bye"* * * * * Hardy and Matt headed back to the ranch in Matt's van. Hardy snickered, "Hey, Matty, since I have all your money, Icould go buy a car - maybe a Porsche, or like that?" Matt knew Hardy was kidding, he sure hoped he was, "Or maybea Ferrari? Huh?" He thought, "Or maybe, Hardy, even better, a new JohnDeere tractor. We didn't get any farm equipment in our purchase. Someonehas to mow the grass, remember." "Hey, Matt, there's Ted. Maybe he needs a ride." The youngman was walking. Pulling over by the sidewalk, Matt stopped the van whileHardy rolled down his window. "Ted," he waved at the young man, "do you need a ride?" Nn Preteen Pics Ted smiled at the two men, "I sure do. I came with Jake thismorning, but he had to stay for a makeup exam. This is great." Ted pushed back the sliding door and slipped into the secondrow. "Matty, that was a great party we had, wasn't it?" "Yes," Matt answered, "and we have you to thank for the greathamburgs and stuff. You must have done that quite a few times." "Yeah, I did all our family gatherings over the past tenyears anyway. My grandfather got me started way back when I was still ingrade school." The van passed The Duke Ranch. Matt was heading for Ted'shome now. "How is your grandfather, Ted?" Hardy asked. "We haven't seenhim for a while." "Just pull into our driveway for a few minutes, Matt. Okay?"The van stopped. Both Matt and Nn Preteen Pics Hardy turned to look at Ted. They immediatelynoticed that Ted was down, not happy. He actually looked as if he werealmost in tears. "Matt and Hardy, I know you like my grandfather as he likesyou. But he is sick and won't see a doctor. I'm so afraid Nn Preteen Pics he has cancerof some sort, I know he's in a lot of pain and he just takes aspirin. Butwhat can I do?" "I can't imagine what we can do, but maybe if we talked tohim if might help. What do you think?" Ted actually smiled, "That would be great, guys, but he's outof town today and tomorrow, so how about the day after that?" "Yes," he thought, "How about you and your grandfather cometo the farm for supper Thursday night. We eat about six, if that would beokay? I know it's a lot of people, but we love a crowd." Matt shook hishead, "No, that's a perfect night. Some of our family are going back toColumbus for a while, trying to make the leap from the big city to livingup here in the sticks." Nn Preteen Pics Ted pulled the big door, "That's great, guys, thanks somuch. I'll tell Gramp when I talk to him on the phone tonight. And thanksfor the ride. See you." "Bye." Hardy smiled at the taut retreating buttocks of Ted, a smallbut a well put together body. "I really like him, Matt, even if he didsteal our Motor Home." Nn Preteen Pics "Me, too, Hardy, and we have to try to help his grandfather.Maybe he will talk to us if he won't to his grandson."* * * * * The two men just got in their new house when a bellow camefrom the second floor for them to get to Gary and Steve's room. "Hardy, would you go up and soothe the savage beast? I wantto see how Chris is doing so far." Hardy agreed and Matt headed for Anne'ssuite where he knocked quietly on her door. "Come in." Matt walked into Anne's suite to find Chris, Joshua and Jacoblying on the floor with Chutes and Ladders between them. From the noiseMatt assumed they were having a great time. Even Joshua was playing thoughhe suspected that Chris was helping him. 'They' were keeping up with Jacobvery well. The boys saw 'Uncle' Matt, jumped up and ran into his armswhere he Nn Preteen Pics hugged and kissed them with patience and love. "Hey, Uncle Matt, Chrissie's helping us play games. She'sneat." That ultimate mark of honor from Jacob. Joshua put his palms against Matt's cheeks, forcing his facetoward his own, "Uncle Matt, Cwissie knows lots of games to play. Can wekeep her?" Matt laughed, looked at Chris who was beaming,"Well, we'llhave to ask her. But, kids, she has a house of her own. She's justspending time with us to get to know the 'family'." Joshua pouted just a little, "I sure hope she can stay awhile, anyway." He ran over to Chris who was sitting on the floor andjumped into her arms. Matt was worried that Chris would think of her lost boy andbecome mournful. However, she hugged Joshua to her, kissing him all overhis little face, certainly enjoying this little boy. "Josh, whenever Ihave some spare time I'll be here to see you, and to Jacob, too." At thatstatement Jacob pushed for room in her lap. They embraced her and threw alot Nn Preteen Pics of kisses back to her. Matt was so pleased that his idea worked and Chris had takento the boys whole- heartedly. He was also sure that Anne deserved a lot ofthe credit. She was sitting in her arm chair, watching the goings on witha big smile toward the kids and Chris. "Boys, your Dad was calling to me when I came home so Ibetter go up and see what he wants. I'll talk to you later. Enjoy Chriswhile she's here and treat her real good. Okay?" "Okay, Uncle Matt, see you later." Matt leaned over Chris to plant a kiss on her forehead and alight pat on her back. She smiled and nodded to him that everything was all right.* * * * * Entering Steve's bedroom, Matt found Hardy and Gary sittingaround the computer table in one corner while Steve paced the carpetedfloor. "Matt, we got more problems. Tell him, Gary." "Okay, I've found out quite a bit today. First, your courtdate has been set back a month. Your mother fired her lawyer because hewas dragging his feet, very sure that he wasn't going to get any money outof the case. He didn't think she'd win. "I talked to him since I do know him, and he thinks she isnuts, out of her gourd. Nn Preteen Pics Now, here's the biggie. Nn Preteen Pics He said she's beenshowing him your and Steve's financial records, the actual bank statementsconcerning your checking and all savings accounts including CDs, Treasurynotes, and all. Now, the question is ... where did she get them?" Matt looked at Steve who looked back. He shrugged hisshoulders. "Wouldn't all your stuff be in your Bexley house, Steve?" "Yes, Matt, I didn't bring any papers like that up here.Where are yours?" "Except for the very latest ones, they are at your house.I'm been keeping them there so Gary would have access to them. Nn Preteen Pics But theyweren't in your safe." Matt was worried now. He asked, "How could she get in your house? Hire asecond-story man?" Steve spun around. "I know one thing. We have to get downthere fast to see what is going on. If someone has broken in, we need toget the police on it, and maybe hire a security company. If she got intomy studio, I'll kill her! I don't give a damn if she is my mother." Hehesitated, "I talked to Anne and she said she'd stay here with the boys andtake care of Chris. You and Hardy have to stay, but Gary and I will headthere tonight. We were just waiting for you two to get home so we couldrelate all this and head south. Okay?" "Sure, Steve, I hope you can figure out what is going on.Everything I own is in Hardy's name so I try to keep very close to him." Helaughed and hugged Hardy who returned the gesture. "Good luck."* * * * * The old man sat in his favorite leather chair opposite theden fireplace. He took a sip from the glass of scotch whisky in his hand.That hand shook rhythmically in tiny spasms, a movement of which he tooknotice with regret. "Before that damn man came here, I didn't have any palsy,migraines or hypertension. Now I'm a wreck. I can't sleep and have tolimit my diet so my stomach won't rebel." He rose from his chair, faced the roaring fire on the grateand mused on his predicament. As yet, no ideas had emerged from histhinking, but he was positive he would be able to fix that man good. "See you later, Dr. Matthew Bunker Ridgway."Write to Paul at dukesofwindsorjuno.com* * * * * Turning The PageSome characters in this story have been drawn from my first book, TurningThe Page, Nifty/Adult Friends/August 13, 2002. It is not necessary to readthat book first, but it would give you a background for The Dukes andDuchess of Windsor
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